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Still A Part of Us: A podcast about pregnancy loss, stillbirth, and infant loss

Sep 15, 2019

We are chatting with Hilary Erickson, an L&D nurse and founder of the popular parenting and pregnancy website and podcast, Pulling Curls. She covers how she prepares for a stillbirth or infant death, how she helps the family during this difficult time, and what she advises and encourages those families to do while at...

Sep 1, 2019

In this advice podcast episode, mom Lacie tells how she doesn't avoid any emotions that came after losing her daughter Summer, being incredibly kind to herself in this process, and how she mothers her daughter even now. #saymybabysname

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Sep 1, 2019

In this birth story podcast interview, Lacie tells of her struggles with infertility and how she had gotten pregnant after giving up. She recounts how they diagnosed her with a subchorionic bleed that never resolved. Her water broke at 20 weeks and she gave birth vaginally to her daughter Summer Brynn, who likely...