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Still A Part of Us: A podcast about pregnancy loss, stillbirth, and infant loss

Aug 23, 2021

Mom Jess recounts the birth story of her daughter Addy, from their planned pregnancy during the pandemic and her pregnancy being perfect until around 30 weeks. Jess tells about how she became more swollen and gained 22 lbs in 2 weeks, and one of her non-stress tests came back abnormal. They discovered that Addy had a severe case of hydrops, where there was a lot of fluid buildup in her body, and Jess also had developed Mirror Syndrome (mimics preeclampsia), where as Addy became sicker, so did Jess.

Jess and her husband Patrick decide on a Caesarean section, since Jess was getting so sick, so Addy was born on October 8, 2020. Addy was later diagnosed with hypoplastic left heart syndrome, where the left side of her heart stopped developing, as well as underdeveloped lungs, from either being too early or from the hydrops. Addelyn deteriorated within 8 hours of her birth and passed away peacefully, surrounded by her parents.

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Time Stamps:

  • 00:00 Addelyn Renee
  • 01:49 Introduction of Jess and Patrick
  • 04:38 Pregnancy
  • 08:28 Anatomy Scan
  • 15:37 30-Week Appointment
  • 24:29 Mirror Syndrome
  • 30:50 C-section
  • 41:58 Saying goodbye
  • 49:58 Spending time with Addy after her passing
  • 54:04 Discharge and home
  • 01:03:51 Autopsy

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