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Still A Part of Us: A podcast about pregnancy loss, stillbirth, and infant loss

Oct 25, 2021

Mom Taylor shares the heartbreaking story of finding out that her first child, her daughter Hazel's heartbeat stopped around 36 weeks gestational age and that she would be stillborn. She and her husband Tad were devastated and she describes her pregnancy, finding out, delivering Hazel, and spending time with her in the...

Oct 22, 2021

With this meditation, we're trying to get comfortable with all the emotions--fear, anger, sadness, weariness--that we may experience after we lose a child or someone close to us. *Please note that there are references to God in this meditation.

You can find Stacey and her work here:

Oct 21, 2021

Mark gives his advice on how to grieve after losing his daughter Breklyn only 10 hours after she was born: Grieve in your own way and in your own time.

He also talks about how he and his wife Corchele look for Breklyn everywhere (pennies, their Brek bear, and white butterflies), and how they started Because of Breklyn,...

Oct 19, 2021

Dad Mark describes his wife Corchele's pregnancy with their daughter Breklyn. When her water broke, they headed to the hospital, and while there, Breklyn was under distress and Corchele had to undergo an emergency C-section (where Corchele was completely sedated due to the epidural/nerve block not working originally) in...

Oct 14, 2021

Mom Corchele talks about the death of her daughter after 10 hours after her birth due to an infection, and how because of her daughter Breklyn, she and her husband were able to help change hospital policy in their area to help detect this type of infection before it's too late, thus saving more babies' lives.